Because Serverless is a terrible name.

Rafal Wilinski

Written by Rafal Wilinski, certified AWS Architect, Serverless enthusiast and consultant. You may find me on Twitter

July 06, 2019 / 4 minutes / #AWS #Serverless #ELB #EC2 #ALB

Hybrid Load Balancing traffic between EC2 and Lambda functions - useful API migration pattern

With this particular PR included in version 1.45 , the Serverless Framework team has finally enabled a possibility of using Application…

July 05, 2019 / 11 minutes / #AWS #ECS #EC2 #Docker #Containers

Bulletproof ECS Cluster - Best practices for creating secure, stable and cost-effective clusters on AWS

Running ECS Cluster on AWS may be troublesome. After bunch of outages and war stories, I present you a list of lessons learned the hard way…

June 30, 2019 / 8 minutes / #AWS #CDK #Terraform #Cloud

Comparison of AWS Cloud Development Kit with Terraform by building 2-tier Web App

As AWS Architect my day-to-day job includes writing a lot of Terraform code in HCL. While I really like TF, in few places it's really…